About MODernise.us

Which are your preferred marketing channels? This is what we are all About

‘In recent years, we’ve definitely moved towards social media and other marketing channels on the internet because this seems to be where the action is located right now. With more people online than ever before, we’d be foolish to ignore this huge opportunity. This being said, we like to stick to offline marketing mainly because we have no need to advertise to people all around the world.


Up until now, we haven’t been sure which channels to utilize most frequently. For example, we’ve tried posting leaflets on local notice boards and sticking posters to shop windows. Although this has led to some success, they still rely upon people walking past these locations and actively taking note of our service. From here, I decided to get our material into the hands of the locals and this led us to direct mail marketing.’ But with MOD you can make all these things happen.