What are the successes and challenges….

What are the successes and challenges that come with direct mail marketing?

First and foremost, the difficulty of knowing how to measure success was actually something we struggled with at first. Eventually, we started to ask all customers where they first heard our name and we could measure how successful the campaign had been. To this point, we’ve created several campaigns; all of which having greater returns and this is because we used feedback to improve the material from one to the next.


When it comes to challenges, the design phase was a big issue at first because we didn’t know how to create material that linked back to our branding. Luckily, the superb team at MODernise.us could create a design that matched our needs and resonated with our audience. Ever since, we’ve received compliments on the design of our material and people have also noted that they like how the material is the same color as our vans and shopfront.

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