Welcome to MODernise.us – A New Way of Thinking About Design

Helping Your Branding as a New or Existing Business

In years gone by, branding for a business was a tough exercise because there was no internet to utilize. Instead, they would have to pin a leaflet to a local noticeboard and rely quite heavily on word-of-mouth. However, the world has changed and the internet has contributed to this change a huge amount. Nowadays, websites are easier to create than ever before and they also don’t have to take a huge chunk from our bank accounts. In addition to this, social media is proving to be a fantastic branding tool. Thats is why we created MODernise.us


If I were to pinpoint one major benefit our design style, I would say it’s the opportunity to connect with people within our community. As I’ve said, we tried various offline marketing techniques before reaching we started this company but none of them led to the results we were expecting. Once we found the right people, we knew we had the solution before even the first campaign because it was finally going to get our design into the hands of the community.


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